Procreate Coffee NYC needs professional baristas for freelance work

We need some incredibly talented and flexible baristas that can work backup shifts from time to time. The job we most commonly need to fill is located in an office near Grand Central and pays $20 an hour. However, we often receive very short notice and it happens very infrequently. If you're a great barista and willing to fill in every once in awhile if it fits in your schedule, we'd love to meet you! 

There are other opportunities that come up as well, so please send in your resume if you're interested in this type of work! Email 

If you don't have a barista resume due to lack of experience, we unfortunately cannot consider you for these types of jobs. We need people that know all about how a cafe works and that can easily adapt to any set up, any equipment, etc. However, we get requests all of the time from businesses looking for baristas. You can email your info to In the subject line please write "Please keep my name and info on file for future barista opportunities" and we will do exactly that. Include in your information the neighborhoods or train lines that work out well for you. We love when we can connect baristas with coffee businesses that are easy for them to get to.  

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