Part Time Freelance Barista needed for an Office in Industry City (Sunset Park)

Procreate Coffee NYC is looking for a part time barista (AM hours only Monday-Friday) to work as a freelancer in a private office of 300 employees located in Industry City.  

The office will be serving Blue Bottle on a La Marzocco Strada. The opportunity to work in an office environment affords you freedom to be in charge of the coffee program all on your own and the ability to connect with your customers on a deeper level, so after awhile your job should be a cinch! Memorize a few names and drinks and before long you'll have room to build lasting relationships with the people around you, which will be incredibly rewarding if you're successful at it because you'll be working within the creative department of one of the world's most influential media companies. 

Job Description

  • Prep batch brews for employees to self serve throughout the day.        
  • Manage and operate espresso bar effectively on your own
  • Track inventory and order supplies when necessary 
  • Coordinate with food vendors to keep a rotation of food items for sale
  • This is a long-term freelance job Monday - Friday, hours are not yet known but likely to be 4 to 6 hour morning shifts


  • Experience in third wave coffee essential
  • Latte art is a requirement. I understand you can be a great developing barista and be in the process of learning latte art, that is OK. But if you haven't tried before please don't make your first interview your first attempt. 
  • Previous management experience: you must have familiarity with keeping inventory, ordering, and coordinating with outside vendors. This is not a "learn on the job" type of position. You will be looked to for guidance from everyone around you -you will be the cafe expert- so you must feel comfortable knowing what you're doing on all fronts.
  • Strong communication skills, organizational skills, punctual, friendly, honest, and flexible are words that describe you. 


 $15 - $20 / hour

How to apply for this job:

email with any critical information about why you're perfect for this position. a resume will be required to move forward with hiring but you don't have to supply this right away.

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