Social Latte Art Events

Meet new people and make your own latte!

We are now offering, in collaboration with, social latte art class events. It's $40 per person. Visit to view dates and times and to sign up!



Procreate Coffee NYC has always been a resource for barista training focused on learning for the workplace. Now, we are beginning to introduce a more social experience for a larger audience of coffee lovers. 

We are collaborating with and now offer a 2.5 hour latte art social event for $40 per person. These events are meant to be more informal with a group size of 8 people held on nights and weekends. You will have the chance to meet coffee lovers like yourself, make your own espresso and pour your own latte.

If you're interested, head on over to to sign up! When you sign up you can see who you'll be attending with and have the opportunity to chat with everyone before and after the event!