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Espresso Hacks
Espresso Hacks
Espresso Hacks
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Espresso Hacks

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Currently NO classes are available for sign up at this time. They will be available once we officially open our new location at 158 27th St.

This class is mainly for coffee shops and baristas. 

There are many aspects of brewing that can take your coffee and espresso from good to excellent. Most coffee roasters should be regarded as the experts in this field: they specialize in learning and teaching about the best techniques for their coffee and you need to listen to them. 

But this class is designed to teach you the other ways to handle espresso that are typically ignored or seen as inferior. 

Why do we want to teach you inferior ways to make espresso? Because knowledge is power! And the more you know, the more empowered you will be to make great espresso and coffee. The process for making "the god shot" can be so complicated, expensive and time consuming that sometimes baristas and coffee shops can lose their way and settle into bad habits despite their best intentions. The purpose of this class is to teach you simpler methods while still preserving the essence of the coffee and the craft. 

In this class, we will briefly discuss the complicated relationships between dose, volume, time, temperature, pre-infusion, grind setting, and how they interact to give us greater control over the flavor of the espresso we make. Then we will see what we can do to make espresso more manageable for the every day cafe.

You will then learn about:

  • Indispensable steps that must be maintained no matter your technique
  • Using a manual grinder the hard and easy way
  • Single, double, and triple shots
  • Volumetric settings
  • Making educated decisions for if, when, and how to use these techniques
  • Applying these techniques to all of the drinks on your menu