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In this class, you will drink A LOT of espresso! You will begin with learning the complicated relationships between dose, volume, time, temperature, pre-infusion, grind setting, and how they interact so that you will understand the amount of control you have over the flavor of your espresso. Then you will learn what you can do to make espresso more manageable for the every day cafe.

You will then learn about:

  • Necessary techniques that always contribute to better espresso
  • How to use an electronic and manual grinder the hard and easy ways
  • Single, double, and triple shots
  • Volumetric settings
  • Making educated decisions for if, when, and how to use these techniques
  • Applying these techniques to all of the drinks on your menu 

Schedule: Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am

Location: 158 27th St, Brooklyn on the 3rd floor. Walk-up only.