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Procreate Coffee NYC

Espresso Intro and Latte Art at Procreate

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Begin building a strong foundation with this intro class and added time to practice latte art! You'll learn all about the espresso equipment, the beginner's espresso technique, milk steaming and pouring latte art. Latte art skills have become one of the most defining examples of a barista’s capability and students of latte art naturally learn to care about espresso and the overall quality of coffee.

This class is taught by Justin Mcmillan and you couldn't ask for a better instructor! Justin is passionate about good espresso and regularly competes in latte art throw downs. He makes some of the prettiest latte art you'll see! 

This class is for anyone at the beginner level. Common reasons you might attend this class:

-You want to learn for fun
-You have a home machine but have no idea how to use it
-You have a home machine and you want to be better at latte art
-You want to look for barista work
-You have a barista job and you want to be better at it
-You want to open a coffee shop or business that serves coffee

But you also don't need any reason or experience to join!