How to choose the right classes for you

At Procreate Coffee, we do our best to offer a variety of practical and fun classes no matter your purpose for attending. It's not unusual to have at least one student opening a shop, another learning for home, one that aspires to work as barista and at least one that loves coffee and wants to learn something new for fun! So, which class is the right one for you? 

All of our classes are small so we can easily work with students of all levels and interests in the same class. You don't need to worry about showing up to the wrong one. Ever. But some classes do overlap so here's some tips for choosing:

1) Location:

We currently have 3 locations where classes take place. Intro to Roasting takes place at Pulley Collective in Red Hook, Brooklyn and if you want to learn about roasting that is currently your only choice (sorry!)

But our Barista Basics class is offered at two locations: Procreate Coffee in Brooklyn and the Boogie Down Grind Cafe in the Bronx. 

Choose the location that works best for you. Barista Basics is a very informative class and covers everything you need to know to start out, so if you're closest to the Bronx location you don't need to travel all the way to Brooklyn! If there's a different class you want to take you can also request that we put it on the schedule for the future!

2) Schedule:

Weekend availability: If you're not available to take classes during the week, we offer the All in One Workshop on Saturdays at Procreate so you can make the most of your time. Latte Art Intro is offered on Sunday for those that know latte art is their main focus (we're looking at you with your new home machine!) It's also been a popular choice as a fun way to spend the day. 

Weekday availability: Our weekday classes are more concentrated on their specific topics. Each class will begin with the same information about how to make espresso and steam milk, but that's where the similarities end. 

You can take the All in One Workshop and still learn more in our Buttons vs Paddles and Drink Design classes, but a lot of the content will overlap. The classes are usually taught by different instructors though, so it can be valuable to learn from more than one person. 

3) Time: 

If you're looking to improve your coffee at home on that fancy new machine, we offer the Virtual Training for Home, which is perfect for making quick fixes that will likely dramatically improve whatever you're struggling with. And you can schedule your session early in the morning so you can finally make a coffee you feel good about before work! 

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