Grow Your Skills With Our Barista Certificate Program in NYC

Learn the essential barista skills you need for a successful career! With this 6-day barista certificate program in NYC, our pro instructors will teach you everything you need to work at or open a cafe with confidence — including using espresso machines, steaming milk, creating latte art, opening and closing the shop daily, and much more.


You have a vision of making everyone’s favorite drinks behind a coffee shop counter — or perhaps even opening your own cafe — but you also know you need experience to get started. It can feel like a catch-22 to break into the coffee industry: You need to be trained by pros to get started, but coffee shops are only looking for baristas with experience. 

As we spoke with our Procreate Coffee students facing this dilemma, we were frustrated too! After all, we’ve worked through many cafes in NYC and faced that issue at the beginning of our careers, too. That’s why we created a course that helps you boost your resume and launch your coffee career in just six days.

Learn essential skills and build a strong network of coffee industry friends with our brand new Barista Certificate Program in NYC, which includes 30 hours of barista training. As you get started in the industry, having this certificate will add credibility to your resume — plus, the connections you make in this course could help you find new job opportunities and expand your knowledge even further. In our barista training courses, we put you first (not products), and we’ll be here every step of your barista journey to help and guide you.

What You’ll Learn

In this barista certificate course, you and your fellow baristas in training will learn everything you need to know to work at a café with confidence, including:

  • the history of coffee and coffee culture in NYC
  • the fundamentals of working in a coffee shop such as customer service, cleanliness, and teamwork
  • how to use and clean the espresso machine
  • how to dial in espresso so every drink you make is top quality
  • how to steam milk and pour latte art
  • how to make every drink and the proper way to serve each
  • typical opening and closing procedures 
  • advanced espresso techniques and working with high-end equipment
  • common drinks that customers might ask for that aren't on the typical menu 
  • and so much more! 

This 6-day course includes a daily 5-hour session for learning and practice. Once you take a Procreate Coffee class, you also earn access to our free practice times where you can fine-tune your skills using our supplies and equipment — and strengthen your connections with other baristas in NYC.

The Benefits of a Procreate Coffee Barista Certificate

As we developed this course, we realized there were two main issues with other barista certificate courses in NYC: They were either extremely expensive (think thousands of dollars) or they were run by companies pushing their own products on students. 

Our course is only $490 and is completely independent. That means we don’t have ulterior motives when we recommend beans, equipment, or tools to use. We simply use our own best knowledge from years in the coffee industry and share it objectively. 

Here are all of the Barista Certificate Course benefits:

  • It’s more affordable than other courses
  • It teaches you all the barista skills you need in six days
  • It connects you with pro instructors and other aspiring baristas
  • It’s independent (no product pushing here — only genuine recommendations!) 
  • It provides you with access to Procreate Coffee free practice times
  • It teaches hands-on skills, plus best practices for business
  • It’s conveniently held at our barista studio in Brooklyn, New York

Who Should Get a Barista Certificate 

If any of the following descriptions sound familiar, this course is a great match for you:

  • You're a barista looking for work and want to feel confident in your skills before applying
  • You're opening a coffee shop and will be your own barista to start
  • You own a coffee shop and need to train new employees
  • You want to add a versatile new skill to your resume

Even if you’re not sure what your next career move is, having a wide variety of skills (including barista skills!) can demonstrate your versatility for any job. After all, employers appreciate the skills baristas can apply to any job — such as speed, attention to detail, focus, and customer service. 

Don’t put your dreams on hold: Sign up today to accomplish your goals and strengthen your network of barista contacts. You’ll be amazed by what a difference six days can make in your career success. 

How to Sign Up for Our Barista Certificate Course

Jumpstart your career or simply advance your skills in three easy steps: 

  1. Visit our sign-up page for the Barista Certificate Course.
  2. Select an upcoming session that works best for your schedule. 
  3. Set aside comfortable shoes and clothes you don’t mind spilling on for class.

That’s it! Within six days, you’ll have a certificate in hand and a newfound confidence in your skillset. 

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Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What Students Say About Procreate Coffee

Students are raving about Procreate Coffee barista classes! Here are just a few 5-star Google reviews:

  • “Clover gave us such a great class, with the perfect amount of detail on all aspects of making a great latte - from the right grind size to shot length to milk steaming, & how to make all kinds of latte art!” —Liam
  • “Can’t go wrong with any of their courses! Jessa and Justin are both pros. Learned a lot and had so much fun! Highly recommend.” —Katie
  • “Jessa makes the best lattes and helped me perfect my cold brew recipe.” —Steve
  • “Their instructors go above and beyond to take you through each step of making espresso, aerating milk, creating latte art, and much more. I was particularly impressed by how the instructors could answer the wide variety of questions from students, whether it was about opening a coffee shop or learning how to brew better coffee at home.” —Kelsey