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Procreate Coffee

3-Day Weekend Coffee Training Intensive Certificate Course

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Join us for our 3-Day Weekend Coffee Training Intensive to advance your coffee career! Each day of this certificate course consists of six hours of training and practice.

This is a great option if you wanted to take our 30-hour barista certificate course, but are short on time or not available during the week. It's also a fantastic option if you want to learn how to train staff — or simply learn the ins and outs of running a coffee business yourself!

Every day, we will cover a different topic that gradually builds on itself to give you a greater grasp of what it takes to run a coffee shop. We will also provide additional practice hours following the workshop to help you refine your style.

In just three days, you will learn about: 

  • New York's coffee culture and history
  • Why working in the coffee industry requires a high level of customer service, cleanliness, and teamwork
  • How to use and maintain an espresso machine
  • How to fine-tune espresso so that every drink you make is of the greatest caliber
  • How to steam milk and pour latte art
  • How to prepare and serve each drink
  • Standard opening and closing procedures
  • Working with high-end equipment and advanced espresso techniques
  • Drinks people frequently request that are not on the normal menu
  • ... and much, much more!

Above all, we want you to learn about coffee and build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, and we want to train you to operate your own coffee program if you own a coffee shop.

You should consider this program if:

  • You're opening a coffee business and will be the only barista to start. 
  • You own a coffee shop and need to teach new employees.
  • You're a barista seeking work and want to be confident in your talents before applying. 
  • You want a certificate showcasing your barista skills. 

If you manage a coffee shop and need to train new employees, we can collaborate with you to make the most of the program, and we'll be there to assist you every step of the way once your new recruit begins!

Each student will receive an assessment and certificate at the end of the program to help them determine their skill level.

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Community is at the core of all coffee experiences. We now have a space for you to build relationships with other Procreate Coffee students, get career advice or everyday coffee tips from our pros, and continue to grow through the power of our network. Join our barista network now!