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(of people or animals) Produce young; reproduce.


The art of coffee and espresso is something I’d like to think of as “procreative”.  

Like bunnies.



I mean baristas.

I mean… wait, I’m getting confused.

Professionally creative?

Baristas are, in whatever sense you prefer, “pro creative artists."  One barista has the opportunity to produce many, many works of art each day. Their work is in such high demand, it’s one of the few types of art that is paid for before it’s made.

This is why baristas must be highly trained and skilled in creating a great product.

Whether you’re:

  • barista interested in improving your skills and getting a better job
  • a person who loves coffee and thinks you’d be great at being a barista or having a coffee shop
  • or a coffee shop owner in search of improving your existing coffee program

You’ll have the opportunity to explore deeper in your areas of interest with my very down-to-earth, mostly sarcastic, happy/fun-loving, knowledgeable and all-encompassing approach to teaching barista skills and tricks of the trade.


After years of working in coffee – starting back in 2006 and eventually making my way through over 15 top NYC coffee shops serving the best roasted beans with all the best equipment (and some of the worst!) – I’ve encountered just about every exciting challenge, angering frustration, and successful accomplishment that exists among coffee shop owners, baristas, and even customers.  Procreate Coffee is my contribution to NYC’s growing coffee community. I wish you well in your adventures in coffee.

All the best,
Jessa Winn
Creator of Procreate Coffee


Photo: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck, 2009

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