Life's too short to drink bad coffee.

The Best Barista Training in Brooklyn!

Procreate Coffee NYC is your best option for barista training and coffee classes in Brooklyn. We are sincerely committed to helping each student reach their goals and our classes are for everyone - not just coffee purists!

Coffee shop owners can learn the ropes, ask questions and make informed decisions before starting their business. Baristas can receive guidance for where to apply, how to apply, and develop the skills necessary to be a competitive candidate for most positions. Enthusiasts can connect with friends old and new by participating in a hobby that many are drawn to.

We offer latte art classes with no experience necessary, espresso classes that challenge current “purist” approaches, and a comprehensive menu class that goes over all of the drinks, complete with how to make simple syrup and fresh whipped cream.

It's About You

We are one of New York City’s only independent coffee training resources. Here you’ll learn the skills to make any coffee taste fantastic while your personality and preferences will be encouraged to shine through.

Not third wave. Your Wave.

As a small group of experienced, open-minded and dedicated coffee educators, we do believe third wave has set the highest standards for the best, sweetest, most beautiful coffees. We’ll teach you how to reach that bar while also working to create what's true to you.

Come learn with us!

Whether you need help with your new business, building barista skills, or want to learn a new skill just for fun, we look forward to meeting you in class soon!


Our Training Lab

158 27th St.
Brooklyn, New York 11232

Mon - Fri, Opening October
Saturday, Closed
Sunday, Closed

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