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Procreate Coffee NYC

Barista Basics at Procreate

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Duration: 3 hours

If you're new to Procreate Coffee and wondering where to start, we recommend beginning with Barista Basics — this is an incredible class for beginners! You'll learn all about the espresso equipment, the beginner's espresso technique, how to steam milk, and the first steps for pouring latte art. 

We recommend pairing Barista Basics with our Intro to Latte Art class. When you bundle them, you get 15% off your order!

Intro to Latte Art will give you the opportunity to expand upon the initial pouring skills you learn in Barista Basics and provide a well-rounded set of barista skills, whether you're a home barista or practicing to go pro.

Learn the fundamentals with this basic barista course today. 

*Just a heads up, if you happen to cancel, a 15% fee will be applied. And if you need to change your class time, there's a small 5% fee for rescheduling.

Community is at the core of all coffee experiences. We now have a space for you to build relationships with other Procreate Coffee students, get career advice or everyday coffee tips from our pros, and continue to grow through the power of our network. Join our barista network now!