NYC Corporate Events at Procreate Coffee

Bring your team together over a unique barista training experience! Procreate Coffee offers NYC corporate events for companies, conferences, and more.

At your next company event, our coffee pros will walk your team through the basics of making espresso, steaming milk, and pouring latte art. As part of your corporate event, we'll teach students how to pour latte art and dream up their very own drink. 

Benefits of Our Corporate Events

Working together in a barista setting naturally fosters collaboration and teamwork — skills you’ll see transfer over to your company setting.

It’s also a great way for your team to problem-solve and cheer each other on! We’ve seen many deep bonds form over our coffee trainings and are confident they’ll bring your team closer together. Plus, everyone has a great time!

NYC Corporate Event Rates

We offer several comprehensive corporate event packages at competitive rates to best fit your budget. Classes start at just $750 for a group of 20! We are happy to come to your event space (we’ll bring the supplies!) or host your event at our barista training studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Book Your Event With Procreate Coffee!

Our previous corporate events include barista training for ETH Global, Justworks, and more. For more information, contact us at