UPDATE! We've got a new location and we're shaking up the industry with a new lineup of fun classes you won't find anywhere else!

Latte Art and Barista Skills: A class for anyone. Learn how to make beautiful drinks that taste good, too! We're skipping the espresso lectures and going straight for the good stuff. No experience required and we'll make sure you have a pretty picture to show off by the end!

The Coffee Menu: This class will taste amazing, but watch out because you are going to be caffeinated! We'll teach you how to make all of the drinks on a typical coffee menu: espresso, macchiato, cappuccino... And then we'll also make some syrups, homemade whipped cream, and put it together to make all the yummy drinks people love! 

Espresso Techniques: Espresso can either be simple or complicated and it's up to you to decide how complicated you like it. You can only make an educated choice if you're educated on all the choices, though, so this class aims to teach you three different espresso techniques: Complicated (all manual, scales and timers and math and all), Less Complicated (scales and timers and buttons), and Simple (mostly just buttons). Depending on your goals, you will be able to see the pros and cons of different styles and by the end you'll be lot more satisfied with your espressos.

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We are one of New York City’s only independent coffee training resources. Here you’ll learn the skills to make any coffee taste fantastic while your personality and preferences will be encouraged to shine through. 

We are a small group of experienced, open-minded and dedicated coffee educators. We are not “third wave” – there’s no lab coats here – but we do believe third wave has set the highest standards for the best, sweetest, most beautiful coffees. So at Procreate Coffee NYC we’ll teach you how to reach that bar, but still have freedom to do what you want! 

Our mission is to help make the world a better place for coffee drinkers by providing classes and training to coffee lovers, baristas, coffee shops, and anyone else that wants to learn. Life is too short to drink bad coffee!